Film & Theatrical

On stage or in front of the camera? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve developed a special love for the cinematic & theatrical, and love being a resource for local producers, propmasters, and scenic designers. With an easily navigable online catalog, plus a convenient location in central Virginia, we’ve built a collection that has become the first stop for theaters and production crews as they begin to bring the details of their projects to life.

Our collection spans over a century of style & history, as we have diligently & intentionally curated an extensive selection of items that can help fulfill a variety of prop and set dressing needs. From victorian settees to mid-century end tables, from the unique Edisto Boat Bar to tarnished trophy bowls in a wide array of sizes, we’ve filled our 10,000 square foot warehouse to the brim with furnishings & curiosities to fit any style. Since many of our items are antique and vintage, they have developed patina & character that tell their unique stories, which we hope will assist you in telling yours.  Contact us today to schedule a tour or learn more about our collection!

Above images courtesy of Jodi Miller Photography, Stephanie Yonce PhotographyStephanie Yonce Photography .

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