We’ve been hard at work adding new pieces to the collection, and we’re so excited to share even MORE awesome new #pandjpretties!


White Frame Backdrop

The latest addition to our backdrop collection is this gorgeous new White Frame Backdrop, which is perfect for ceremony decor or bar backdrop.  We can’t wait to see what kinds of gorgeous installations our creative partners create with this piece!

The best part about this piece?  The bottom piece can be removed so it can be used as an entryway for venue spaces and ceremonies!


White Carved Leg Farm Table

We’ve continued to explore new farm table options and we’re so excited to debut the first of our White Carved Leg Farm Tables!  These beauties have a beveled edge and can accommodate 3-4 chairs per side.  From a logistics perspective, the legs on these fold (!!!), making installation & retrieval a breeze.

Also, in case you were wondering, Bandit approves of these new tables!


Linden Sofa

The latest addition to our Upholstered Collection is the gorgeous Linden Sofa!!  We’ve brought on a matching pair of these, and they are the perfect complement to our Linden Settees and Bradford Chairs.

…and don’t worry – Dwyath approves of this piece!!!


Contemporary Gold Shelving

We heard you ask for more shelving options, and we listened!  We’ve got a pair of these gold & glass beauties – perfect for barbacks, food displays, and escort card displays!


Oversized Wooden Frame

Looking for the perfect signage option for your event? This piece is free-standing and over 6′ tall, and you can use it with our chalkboard or acrylic insert!  Add our #pandjlettering services to create stunning guest seating charts, programs, or menus!


Small Copper Truss with Chalkboard

Perfect for an outdoor welcome, directional signage or an event program, this copper truss can be used with our chalkboard or acrylic insert!


Metal & Glass Coffee Table

A modern and sleek addition to the collection, we. have a pair of these coffee tables which pair perfectly mid a contemporary or mid-century lounge!


Collection of Tabletop Acrylic Signage

These acrylic tabletop pieces are perfect for table numbers and other signage!  Pair with our hand lettering services or vinyl lettering by SA Style and Design!



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