It’s that time of year for a fresh new update on lounge area inspiration! One of the unique pieces of P&J is the ability to create your own custom look by pulling together lounges a la carte from our Upholstered Seating portion of the website BUT if you want some of the work done for you OR need a fun place to start to strike inspiration, then we highly recommend checking out the NEW Lounge Looks! You can also swap pieces in and out and change all the accessories, it’s just a place to start. Happy Lounging!

Belmont Lounge

Featuring the Golding Rug, Belmont Sofa, Belmont Chairs, Rutland Chairs, Blue Velvet Poufs.

Basil Smash Lounge

Featuring the Fitzgerald Rug, Tan Hide Rug, Drummond Sofa, Dexter Chairs, Emmett Chairs, Rattan Poufs.

Rowland Lounge

Featuring the Nash Rug, Rowland Settees, Rowland Chairs, Gray Velvet Poufs, Freestanding Pendant stands with Jute Chandeliers.

Paloma Lounge

Featuring the Walker Rug, Malibu Sectional, Hailey Chairs, Barrington Chairs, Pink Velvet Poufs.

Gimlet Lounge

Featuring the Alcott Rug, Greenwood Sofa, Gray Linden Armchairs.

Libbie Lounge

Featuring the Jewell Rug, Libbie Couch, Libbie Settee, Libbie Armchairs, Neutral Poufs.

Hamilton Lounge

Featuring the Roy Rug, Hamilton Sofa, Hamilton Chairs.

Lemon Drop Lounge

Featuring the Jewell Rug, Rupert Settee, Barrington Chairs, Wicklow Chairs, Chartreuse Poufs.

Linden Lounge

Featuring the Morrison Rug, Linden Sofa, Linden Settee, Linden Occasional Chairs.

Linden Curved Back Lounge

Featuring the Morrison Rug, Linden Curved Back Sofa, Linden Curved Back Settee, Pair of Linden Side Chairs.

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