Nothing ties together a lounge grouping or creates a focal point quite like a rug! We are obviously obsessed with textures and colors here at P&J and we wanted to break down a few of our favorite uses for these lovely soft goods! Whether its to add a pop of color in a mellow neutral lounge area OR a neutral rug to calm the bright colors of a vibrant lounge grouping OR a lovely overlapping cascade of rugs for a ceremony aisle – we love the effect rugs have over an event’s design. Enjoy this visual tour below of a few of our favorite rugs in action! Check out the full rug inventory here!

Fun Fact : Did you know we name our Rugs after Authors?! Check out to see if you recognize a few below:)

The Alcott Rug packs a vibrant punch with it’s aqua jewel tones!

A sweet ceremony with the Cussler Rug drawing the eye in on the couple!

(Vicki Grafton Photography)

This dreamy woodland themed ceremony created with the overlapping Grafton Rugs as the aisle.

(Emily Magers Photography)

Another dreamy oversized overlapping ceremony aisle in Dover Hall with a mix of the Rug Collection!

(Christopher Padgett)

More dreamy colors overlapping for this outdoor ceremony!

(Don Mears Photography)

And when Neutral colors create a statement like here with this refined overlapping ceremony aisle.

(Shannon Moffit Photography)

We love how the Morrison Rug ties in the clean lines and adds a pop of crisp neutral color to the lounge with its dramatic accent colors!

(Alex Tenser Photography)

A crowd favorite, the blush & gold tones of the Austen Rug with the overlapping Tan Cowhide Rug were a dreamy combo for this bridal session.

(Kelsey Marie Photography)

And seen here below tying together this dreamy lounge grouping of creams, pinks, and mauves.

(Nikki Santerre Photography)

The detail on the Shelley Rug is one of our favorites and it’s neutral moody vibe makes it a great fit for most groupins!

(Shannon Moffit Photography)

The overlapping neutrals of the Bronte Rug & the Kipling Rug had a dramatic effect on this tented event design!

(Abby Grace Photography)

Dramatic hues below with the Atwood Rug.

(Ashley Cox Photography)

The Classic pattern and bold blue hue of the Dickinson Rug were a fun punch in this band shoot!

(Jessica Maida Photography)


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