Year three of P&J started off just as you might think – two girls, a room full of furniture, and our usual infectious attitudes!
Prior to the expansion into #pandjsnewdigs, the steadily growing vintage and speciality rental inventory of Paisley & Jade was kept in the Highpoint & Moore showroom.Co-captains of Paisley & Jade, Morgan and Perkins, on site at an event!

We also met Haleh, from Haleh’s Upholstery & Ideas, who introduced us not only to her amazing upholstery skills (she’s still our go-to upholsterer today!), but also to the amazing world of emoji pillows!!!

Paisley & Jade co-captains love for upholstery expands beyond vintage furniture!

Our third year in business also brought along one of our favorite partnerships – Dinner in the Field!  This outdoor dinner series is one of our favorite events in Richmond and was recently named by Jetsetter Magazine as one of the ten “Most Amazing Outdoor Dining Experiences” in the world.  Wowzers.  We’ve loved working with them over the years to provide outdoor living rooms, farm tables, and more!

Paisley & Jade participates yearly at Dinner In The Field and you can find many of their vintage and specialty rental items at this outdoor event!

(Above photo courtesy of Dinner in the Field)

Paisley & Jade loves participating at Dinner In The Field and the Farm Tables are perfect for this outdoor event!

This year also gave us some amazing opportunities to connect with some super talented creatives at workshops that were held here at Highpoint & Moore!  First up was Laura Hooper‘s Calligraphy Workshop, which transformed the showroom into a gorgeous workspace with bold pops of color!

Paisley & Jade hosted Laura Hooper's Calligraphy Workshop in their showroom located in the heart of Scott's Addition!

We had the pleasure of working with an amazing team on this event, including Janie Medley, Rachel May Photography, and our friends from Tart Event Co.!  (To see more amazing photos by Rachel and all the gorgeous details, check out Tart Event Co.’s blog post recapping the event!)

Tart Event Co. took over the Paisley & Jade showroom and used our vintage and specialty rental inventory for a styled shoot!

Another workshop we were thrilled to host in the space was Amy & Jordan‘s Photography Workshop!! These two were so much fun to meet in person, and we loved having them here in the space with all of their attendees!!  You can learn all about their workshop and the fun they had on their blog!

Amy & Jordan's Photography Workshop was held in Paisley & Jade's showroom located in Scott's Addition. This was the perfect location and having the vintage and specialty rental inventory on hand was a perfect opportunity for the photographers to take a few shots!

During the workshop, they did a styled shoot which totally rocked!  Posh PR and Amanda Veronee created a gorgeous tablescape using the collection.  Events like this continue to be our favorite because we get to spend some great quality time with the most talented people!!!

Posh PR and Amanda Veronee did a styled shoot in Paisley & Jade's showroom using their one-of-a-kind vintage and specialty rental inventory items!

Unfortunately, running a small growing rental company with just two employees was not all fun, games, and styled shoots, as Perkins will gladly let you know:

Ask Perkins, co-captain of Paisley & Jade, a vintage and specialty rental company - running a growing small business isn't ALL fun and games.

We had to face some tough challenges and decisions in year three, and one of them was learning to GROW.  One of our favorite orders from this year was for someone near & dear to our heart, Allison from RW Elephant (our rental software company!!).  Allison had contracted us to provide rentals for a family member’s wedding and when we showed up at the delivery, she put us on the spot: how did we expect to grow our business if one of the owners was on EVERY delivery and pick up???

We thought long and hard about what Allison had to say, and deep down, knew she was right.  The best thing for our business, our clients, and us was going to involve growing our team and our processes!  (Want to know more about this transition?  Check out what we have to say about how hiring made us stronger!)

Paisley & Jade has so many dining options for your wedding and event - including rentable farm tables! The vintage and specialty rental company is located in Richmond, VA.

Paisley & Jade participates in many events, weddings, and styled shoots.

That order was the first pick up P&J ever did without Morgan or Perkins on site.  (Gorgeous event photo by Pressed & Brewed)

We started hiring some part time delivery help (which obviously led to trailer-side picnics!).

Paisley & Jade's delivery crew serves beyond Richmond! They deliver rental inventory in Virginia, Washington, DC and North Carolina.

Now that P&J had some help, Perkins could relax…

After a weekend full of on-site events, co-captain of Paisley & Jade, Perkins, relaxes on a rentable upholstered couch!

…and Morgan could spend more time on her first love: CHAIRS!

Wooden Mismatched Chairs are perfect for your wedding ceremony and reception!

… actually, thats not really how it all worked out AT ALL.  Instead, Perkins & Morgan got to work booking more orders, building the collection, and growing P&J to the point where they realized they needed more than just a delivery crew…

An office meeting (or party) wouldn't be complete without Paisley & Jade co-captains relaxing on some upholstered furniture!

What P&J needed was a warehouse manager… and along came Stephen!!

Paisley & Jade's Warehouse Manager, Stephen, joined the team in Year 3! He's the man behind the logistical side of a vintage and specialty rental company.

This vintage love seat is a perfect shade of sea foam! Paisley & Jade has many vintage and speciality rental items to style your wedding, event, or styled shoot!

Paisley & Jade's Warehouse Manager poses for the photographer on a vintage upholstered couch!

We also took some time to head back to Brimfield, this time with our number one negotiator in tow – Morgan’s Gram!

Paisley & Jade's co-captain, Morgan, goes to Brimfield with her Gram to find more items to add to P&J's vintage and specialty rental inventory.

Brimfield finds! All new items to add to the Paisley & Jade vintage and specialty rental inventory!!
Year three also brought along an amazing partnership with a conference that has changed our business and our team for the better!!  We were thrilled to be asked to be a part of Creative at Heart‘s very first conference, and love being an active member of that community to this day!  Creative at Heart is about education, but it’s also all about relationships, and we love spending time with awesome like-minded folks!

Paisley & Jade is proud to be involved with Creative at Heart!

(PJ parties & posing on settees are just bonuses!!!)

The Creative at Heart Conference called for Paisley & Jade's prettiest vintage and specialty rentals for guests to rest and relax on!

In the midst of conferences, orders and all the growing we were doing, we hired a crew member named Tyler, but VERY quickly learned that he was WAY better at fixing & creating than we realized.  We were thrilled when he took us up on our offer to be P&J’s fourth full time team member – our Shop Lead!

As Paisley & Jade began to do more business, more help was needed! Tyler joined the team as P&J's Shop Lead and began building in-house specialty rental items for clients!

With all the growing we were doing, we knew it was time to make another big leap – and we brought home our first truck!!  This 18′ box truck (PANDJ1) made our deliveries, logistics and scheduling so much easier!!!

Paisley & Jade makes delivery as easy and possibly and our Warehouse Manager and Shop Lead, Stephen and Tyler, always deliver the best rentals!

Meanwhile, Amanda from SweetFix showed up with a cake in the shape of one of our sofas!!!!

Amanda from Sweet Fix poses on the Thurmont, a victorian style settee upholstered in soft sage green velvet with pretty carved wood details. This settee is perfect for lounge areas, sweetheart seating, photo shoots, or cakes!

As the end of year 3 approached, we decided to spread our wings just a little bit more, and we launched our P&J internship program!  One of our first interns was the amazing Emily, who you now can find at one of our favorite rental companies in town, Classic Party Rentals of Virginia!
Paisley & Jade's internship program is a great way for college students to learn around the life of a vintage and speciality rental company!

With all of this growing, we started to notice a problem…

Paisley & Jade has vintage and speciality rental inventory is every shape, color, and size for your wedding, event, and styled shoot needs!

our space was getting fuller…

Paisley & Jade has vintage and speciality rental inventory is every shape, color, and size for your wedding, event, and styled shoot needs!

…and FULLER…

Paisley & Jade has vintage and speciality rental inventory is every shape, color, and size for your wedding, event, and styled shoot needs!


Paisley & Jade has vintage and speciality rental inventory is every shape, color, and size for your wedding, event, and styled shoot needs!

Luckily, when we listened closely, we heard that the other half of our building was coming available, so we went to take a look.

Co-captain of Paisley & Jade, Perkins, heard the space, that would soon be P&J's Warehouse, was for sale!

While the first walk through may make it look like it wasn’t anything special, we KNEW it had potential.
Paisley & Jade bought the warehouse behind their showroom and this gave P&J room to grow!
Paisley & Jade bought the warehouse behind their showroom and this gave P&J room to grow!

Paisley & Jade bought the warehouse behind their showroom and this gave P&J room to grow!

So we jumped in with both feet, and #pandjsnewdigs would become the first agenda item of year 4.

Great things happened during Year 3 at Paisley & Jade and Year 4 brought even more!

Want to see how it turns out in year 4?  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

If you missed the posts for year 1 and year 2, be sure to catch up on the #pandjblog!

-Perkins & Morgan

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